Stil Dixie

Saturday, May 14
Roccos Jasper
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Seth Carter started singing and playing music at a very young age with the support of his soprano-singing mother and drummer father. As he gained his teen years, he and his brother Brandon started a band in the tin-shed out back of their childhood home – originally called, Seth Carter and the Dixie Stil band. At some point during the revolt of the other band members, “Seth Carter” was dropped from the name and the Dixie Stil band began playing shows in the local area. When two of the original members took other paths, the brothers brought on Alex Wilson (bass) and Alex Davis (lead guitar) for a few shows before the band took time to build their families and careers outside of music.

10 years later, Seth came full circle in April 2021, calling up the boys and getting the band back together. The four guys are currently playing shows locally, regionally and nationwide.

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Roccos Jasper
Roccos Jasper

47 Mountainside Village Parkway
Jasper, GA 30143
(706) 253-1900

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